Powerful Case 80hp Bobcat with 4 in 1 bucket is an ideal machine for all landscaping, site preparation, site clean-up, rubbish removal and earth moving requirements where access is limited. With a range of attachments this versatile machine can handle just about anything.







Therobinpregress Harley Box Rack is ideal for creating or rejuvenating gravel road or driveway surfaces (See our driveway section for Before and After photos and videos of what this attachment can do). The Harley can be used as a landscaping tool to evenly spread top soil and stone products. It is also used while Rock Picking and will “wind row” small rocks in paddocks for easy removal with our Rock & Stick Rake  (see Projects – Rock Picking).






5 tonne excavator (11)

Case 5.0 Tonne Excavator with 150, 300, 450 &and 600 mm buckets for all excavation needs, including culvert installation and Trenching.







Rock Rake

ROCK RAKETake the hard work out of rock picking with the versatile Rock & Stick Rake. Constructed from high tensile steel the Rock Rake is specifically designed to collect rocks and sticks whilst leaving behind valuable top soil behind.






Auger Attachment

augerThe Auger attachment fits both the Excavator & Bobcat with 300, 450, 600 mm auger attachments. Bores to 3000 mm in depth.







Ripper Attachment

mixture 303750 mm Ripper Attachment is deal for removal of rocks or stumps








Grabb Attachment

grabThe Grabb Attachment is ideal for the removal of small trees and debris.








Chain Digger

CHAIN DIGGERThe Chain Digger is a versatile trenching tool digging 150 mm wide and up to 1200 mm in depth.








Kenworth Tipper

usb 612We can meet all your cartage needs and deliver garden supplies from our Dunkeld depot